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Extending Grace

The idea of God’s grace can be difficult to understand in our relationship with the lord. Grace is powerful and allows us to be loved, to love ourselves, and to love others through grace. God’s grace is not earned but given to us freely. It is our bridge that He built in our relationship with him (Rev. J. Patrick Street, 2019).

Grace is everything we need for godliness and to live our lives. Rev. Patrick Street defines grace as “God’s life, power, and righteousness given to us by unmerited favor.” It is through God’s grace that He can change our hearts and minds. We are given forgiveness, transformation of our minds, and healing of our hearts so we can live our lives as God wants us to. God’s grace saves us (Eph. 2:8-9), sanctifies us (2 Thes 2:13), and justifies us (Rom 3:24) not by our works in this world but through Jesus dying on the cross. God's grace empowers us to extend grace to others and empowers us to service (Phil 2:13) so that we can use our gifts and abilities for His glory so that we may not only be blessed, but so we can be a blessing to others (Rev. J. Patrick Street, 2019).

There are no works in this world good enough to earn God’s grace, but when we choose to extend grace and follow God’s will, we become the story of His life. We become a beacon of light in others' lives, teaching through God’s grace. At Jobs of Hope, His grace allows us to serve the men of our program. Through Him, we can lead by example and teach in His ways. Grace is like buying a gift for a loved one. We do it not because they earned it, but because we love them. At Jobs of Hope we extend grace to help the broken live healthier, more purposeful God centered lives. 

Opal Hatfield

Jobs of Hope Case Manager

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