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case management

The Re-Entry Case Manager/Navigator meets with participants one on one to provide them a fully integrated, holistic and collaborative plan that uses a team approach with community partners to meet self identified life goals in a supportive, non judgmental environment. 

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Men of Valor Certified Leadership Program

Derived by Global Priority Solutions. The "Men of Valor" program explores character values in a self-discovery  process to create a personal transformation. The desired output is men who see themselves as "Men of Valor" and share this new found hope with their children to be better fathers, and with their spouses to be better partners and their colleagues to be better employees and friends but most of all to be an example for future participants who see no hope.

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Unfortunately, when you’re worrying about where you’re going to sleep, accessing services and looking for work will always become secondary to finding shelter and a meal. Success in any program can best be managed by breaking the cycle of homelessness and moving individuals into stable housing. The “House of Hope” low barrier innovative approach to a sober living home will be unique to Weld County and has the potential to profoundly improve the success rates among previously incarcerated homeless individuals and improve their quality of life by transforming those who wish to leave behind their past legal issues to become better fathers and men, thereby transforming generations.

Image by Artur Tumasjan

Food Pantry

Jobs of Hope offers a food pantry full of nutritious food for its participants and their families when they are in need of a meal or food to prepare at home.

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Computer Lab

Jobs of Hope offers a computer lab to its participants so that they can apply for jobs, complete resumes and apply for benefits.


Clothing CLoset

Jobs of Hope offers clothing to men in need. This service is offered free of charge to our participants.

Image by Chandler Cruttenden


Whether it is to look their best for a job interview or to just maintain basic hygiene, Jobs of Hope offers complimentary showers for participants.

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