Ernest cienfuegos-baca

Executive Director

Ernest was born in Lamar, Colorado and has a deep love and commitment to see that the vulnerable in our communities are being served and encouraged.  He has 20+ years of experience in the social work arena, ranging from case management, to employment specialist and most recently as the Operations Manager at the Guadalupe Community Center and Shelter.



Casandra Gallardo

Case Manager

Casandra was born and raised in Greeley. Coming from a marginalized community she always wanted to give back any way she could. She was a young mother and a high school dropout searching for her place in this world. It took Casandra nearly 20 years to complete her education but through perseverance she did it! Casandra's goal for her clients at Jobs of Hope is to teach resilience and perseverance to move them forward and create the change they are seeking.  


March 2020_Cisco.JPG

cisco davila

Men Of Valor Facilitator

Cisco was raised in Greeley and for over 20 years has committed his life to a relationship with God and his family. He has put in the hard work to fight the good fight through good and tough times and has seen victory over toxic cycles. He is committed to loving his fellow brother and sharing his ongoing story of redemption so that they may know truth and hope.


casey fogel

Communications/Social Media Specialist VISTA

Casey was born in Texas but has lived in Colorado for most of his life. As someone who has overcome hard times, Casey is committed to returning the favor and serving his fellow man. He has overcome his hardship and recently got his Masters degree in Communication Studies. Casey hopes to use his story to inspire others going through difficult times.