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Staff Spotlight: David Estreich

Hi, my name is David Estreich. I am a Greeley native, serving as a counselor to people from all walks of life in Greeley and Weld County. I am on the staff as the counselor at Jobs of Hope. I have been facilitating the Relapse Prevention group at the House of Hope with the help of Jason Bingham (Jobs of Hope Peer Counselor). It has been a great honor to work alongside the staff and clients. One of the best gifts I receive is seeing clients succeed and move forward in their lives. I have experienced the heartache of life through many years of failed relationships, addiction, manipulation, thievery, infidelity, and the death of a child. Yet God made His presence known and carried me through these obstacles to a place of hope, peace, and joy. Through addiction and recovery, I have a deep understanding of God's grace; I can't do this alone! We must understand that the joy the world gives is not the same as the joy the Spirit gives. Worldly joy comes and goes. It isn’t something you can cling to. The Spirit’s joy can stay with us for the long haul. For the believer, the fruit of the Spirit, Joy, is like a bottomless well of water—there’s always an abundant supply. Even in the darkest days, when sadness, grief, and loss may threaten to overwhelm you, God’s joy is there. We must also understand that God’s joy cannot be taken away. Some days, we might think it’s gone, but it’s not. As believers, we are promised the constant presence of the Holy Spirit. Just as our salvation is assured through Jesus’ one-time sacrifice for all, we are promised His joy. I have been married to my wife, Shawna, for 26 years. We have five grandchildren and one on the way. One of my greatest joys is spending time with the grandkids. My wife and I also love watching movies, eating great food, and loving our two miniature dachshunds. We love to explore and take trips up to Estes Park. Self-care is a priority! I graduated from Denver Seminary with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado. My wife and I own and operate Revitalize Counseling for Change, LLC. My mission in serving individuals and couples in the community is twofold: to bring hope back to life and to walk alongside those caught up in substance use issues, mental health struggles, and difficult life circumstances. We empathize with people who feel that they have no voice. We understand that they are up against not only the stigma of addiction but also the persuasive belief of themselves and others that they will never change. My past gives me deep empathy and understanding for those suffering from life's circumstances. My wife and I deeply desire to help the voiceless find their voice.

One of the other great joys I have is the opportunity to create. My wife and I created Be Inspired, a relapse prevention journal, and were able to get it published. It is available on Amazon for purchase. I have successfully used this reflection journal in our Monday night Relapse Prevention group. Be Inspired is a 15-week and 105-day relapse prevention and journal reflection. Journaling can be essential in recovery. It allows you to express the built-up frustrations, anger, shame, guilt, and whatever else triggers your relapse behavior. Journaling boosts self-confidence and emotional intelligence and inspires creativity. Journaling is an excellent tool for tracking progress and acknowledging accomplishments. We build confidence when we feel accomplished, leading to more positive behavior! This journal includes valuable perspectives about sustaining recovery and making it your own. The material poses questions for you to reflect upon, whether in quiet times, while talking with others, or while writing your thoughts down. Self-reflection can be a valuable tool as it deepens your insight into yourself. You will identify areas of growth and development. It will also help you examine your behavior and attitudes while changing your life. I believe that connection and community are essential in the world we live in today. We all must feel worthy, worthwhile, wanted, appreciated, and loved. Without meaningful connection, we often try to silence our pain of disconnection by drugs, alcohol, overeating, social media, and much more. Loving ourselves and others, vulnerability, connection, and community are essential steps for growth as we navigate life’s journey. I am so thankful to be part of the Jobs of Hope community and look forward to all it offers and the growth it inspires.

Call or text 970-673-7151 Email at

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David leaning against a wall
David Estreich

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