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Transformation of Spring

               Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything is fresh, new, colorful, and welcoming. I think I love spring because it represents transformation, shedding the old and blossoming with new growth and change. Every year around this time, I notice that I too am going through a process of transformation.  I love the idea of changing with the season. It is a testament to the notion that when life changes, we need to change with it.

               This time of year, I reflect on past experiences and where I am emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Instead of focusing on myself this year, I have spent more time reflecting on the journeys of the men in our program. Much like the change of seasons, our men are also in transition, and I have the privilege of watching them grow, blossom, and make changes that will last a lifetime. I watch as they experience their own personal transitions of heart, mind, and body while witnessing successes, and yes, failures too.  I witness the “Ah-Ha” moments, the proud moments, and the looks on their faces when they accomplish something big like finding employment. At Jobs of Hope, we are in the business of assisting change through opportunity and lived experiences. With the helping hand of our Lord and Savior, we get to assist through His love. In a season of blooming and second chances, I reflect on the journeys of all the men who have been in our program and think to myself, “I wonder if they feel it too.”

As you walk through this season of life, ask yourselves if there are any transitions that have taken place in your own lives or if there is something that you need to allow yourselves to transition through. Either way, take note of how your progression is reflected in alignment with spring - the season of blooming, rebirth, and growth.

-Opal Hatfield, Jobs of Hope Case Manager

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